Street Photographer Tracks Down People He Snapped Almost 40 Years Ago To Recreate Their Photos

Chris Porsz the street photographer who spent days walking down the city of Peterborough capturing hundreds of splendid characters in the year b1970,1980,1990. Today about 40 years later Chris has captured those same people to recreate their photographs giving rise to 135 amazing reunions. The picture included everyone whether it be lovers, policemen or siblings in the same very place where the pictures were clicked earlier and re-creating the beautiful characters again. Take a look at some of his amazing pictures!

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#1 Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015)

Dog and her partner Tina Tarr were snapped when she was 18. The photographer captured them near the Cathedral in Peterborough. The punks wanted to travel so they left the city in the 1990s. The couple had twins but are not together now. Dog lives in South West Wales now and does hedge laying and gardening. While Tina hosts weaving workshops and makes willow products and lives in Dorset.

#2 Railway Kiss (1980 And 2009)

The couple was snapped in 1980 at Peterborough Railway Station. Tony Wilmot got married just last year when this picture was taken to his girlfriend Sally. They didn't know that they were being photographed. The couple is now the headteachers and lives in Lichfield, Staffordshire. They have two children Tom and Jenny.

#3 Five Boys Running (1987 And 2016)

Andy drove trucks in the Transport Corps and went into the Army after leaving school. Richard is an electrician in Peterborough. He has 2 sons. Tony James works as a stone cutter and he too has 2 kids. Aaron works at Ikea and has 3 boys. Devinder moved to Yorkshire in 1986. He works for the Housing Association and is married with 2 boys. Recently, these men organized a school reunion and planned to meet.

#4 Pink Mohican (1985 And 2016)

The guy was playing in the Pizza Eating Competition in Cathedral Square when this picture was taken by the street photographer. He still remembers winning the competition. Pink managed to eat his pizza in just two minutes and that was quite fast. He worked as a laborer, building dry stone walls and was 20-year-old. Now, Pink tarmacs road and has five kids.

#5 Sisters (1980 And 2013)

Shehnaz Begum on the extreme left. her twin sister Rukhsana in the middle and their older sister Itrat on the extreme right were spotted sitting in the window of their house on Cromwell Road. They still live in Peterborough and often meet. Itrat the eldest sister works for the post office and is married with six children. Shehnaz, who is divorced, has a daughter and looks after elderly and disabled people, together with her twin, who is re-married and has five children.

#6 Good Friends (1980 And 2015)

These 4 men are still friends and were delighted to know that their 1980 picture will be recreated.

#7 Metal Mickey (1980 And 2016)

Steve Osborn was popularly known as Metal Mickey as his both the legs were fractured several times in a series of motorbiking accidents in the 1980s and had plates and bolts placed in them. He now lives in Spalding, Lincolnshire and uses walking sticks.

#8 Jewellery Assistant (1990 And 2015)

Vicki Gracey worked at a jewellery store as a sales assistant in Queensgate Shopping Centre for 2 years. She has done jobs in hairdressing, restaurants, and retail, and now deals with tenancy sustainability.

#9 Friends (1982 And 2011)

Penny, three sisters Sarah, Louise, Carole and Juliette sitting under the Guildhall, Cathedral Square. But in the photograph that was recreated Alison who's sitting last on the right took the place of her sister Juliette as she died.

#10 David Harvey And Tim Goodman (1980 And 2010)

David Harvey became Chief Superintendent and is now retired. The pictures were taken on Bridge Street. Tim Goodman is a successful businessman and has 6 children.