Artist Illustrates How People With Bad Eyesight See The World When They Take Off Their Glasses

We always wonder how people with bad eyesight see the world without their glasses or lenses. Nothing will ever be as good as natural 20/20 vision, so, unfortunately, people with bad eyesight must continue to deal with the daily nuisances of vision correction right from the time they wake up. And people with perfect eyesight will never know the struggle of feeling nearly blind. So a Cape Town-based artist, Philip Barlow, has created a series of oil paintings that shows exactly the struggle of those who have bad eyesight or let's say myopia or nearsightedness, the most common refractive error of the eye people has.

When you first look at his oil paintings you would feel that it's just out of focus or it's not yet loaded completely but the truth is that these are how it's made. His artworks perfectly portray the blurred effect that nearsighted people see without their lenses or their glasses, and help people with normal vision understand what it’s like to live with it. 

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