Artist's Minimalist Illustrations About Love And Queer Identity That Will Explore Your Feelings

Sex, we can all admit is fun, pleasant and utmost beautiful, especially when you are sharing this moment of intimacy with the love of your life. However, it’s quite normal to feel a need to explore this amazing feeling with other individuals especially if you have been tasting, feeling and smelling the body of the same person for some time. However, something innate keeps us from being carried away by this strange desire.

Prejudices, yes. Being minimalist and compress these feelings into only the simple and most essential ones. This way, we stay away from social taboos and embrace the simple cycle of life, such as eat, work and sex but deep down we want to let ourselves loose and have a little fun.

This is exactly what the illustrations of Love Me Paris, an Instagram art account talk about. Managing to create simple lines that depict life and feminine bodies; everything that we yearn for and feel beneath our regular skin. All that we do not dare say or do because of life prejudices, life’s complications and lack of confidence. These put a rather absurd brake on our borders and need to let ourselves free.

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