This Biology Teacher Devises An Ingenious Way Of Teaching About The Human Body At School

To be a teacher might occasionally involve coming up with creative ways of enhancing the learning experience. Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher at Groene Hart Rijnwounde School in the Netherlands understood this better as she came up with an ingenious way of teaching biology.

She stood up to the desk, peeled off her clothes revealing a body suit of spandex illustrated with muscles and organs at accurate positions. Below that, another suit complete with an illustration of all bones in their perfect anatomical positions.

Heerkens came up with the idea after she saw someone walking with the same type of leggings. Her curiosity led her to multiple online stores. After making sure it was okay with the school director, she brought it to class. Since then, biology has automatically become a favorite subject for the students in her class.

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This is how Ms. Heerkens’ students learned about organs…


And muscles!

Watch this video of one of her classes:

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