Artist Cleverly Illustrates How Superheroes Use Their Power In Sports

Superheros have always been a source of inspiration for all of us. Superheros are blessed with supernatural powers to fight against bad and protect the innocent. Now, imagine what would happen if these superpowers use their superpowers in the field of sports. Absolutely no one would be able to defeat them on this planet.

No matter which sports they choose, they are surely going to win. Well, you don’t need to think and put stress on your mind because Chow Hon Lam has already done that for us. This artist imagined your favorite superheroes using their superpowers in sports. 

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#1 Sporty Iron Man – Ironman

#2 Sporty Thor – Croquet

#3 Sporty Wonder Woman – Ribbon

#4 Sporty Captain America – Discus Throw

#5 Sporty Spider Man – Soccer

#6 Sporty Flash & Sonic – Athletics 100M Sonic

#7 Sporty T-1000 – Golf