20+ Amazing Gender Swap Of Marvel's Avengers And Supervillains That Will Cheer You Up

The recent years, you cannot go anywhere and meet people that haven't known about superheroes. With Iron Man being the first movie of the Marvel Universe, we're entering the finale of this amazing live action series. Characters of the superheroes that we see often are stuck with a gender. We can barely imagine a female Thor, although some of them had their gender counterpart also brought alive in movies. For those who don't, now it's not impossible to imagine them having well-built and beautiful curves of their body as superheroes.

#1 Joker

#2 Hawkeye


#3 Dr. Strange

#4 Ultron

#5 Magneto

#6 Black Panther


#7 Vision

#8 Hellboy

#9 Iron Man

#10 Loki