Artist's 20+ Illustrations Show What Happens When You Get Too Comfortable In Your Relationship

When couples start dating, they are all courteous and careful in the initial stages of a relationship. then moving in together, time flies by sharing space with someone for so long that you've lost count how many times they've acted silly or just annoying.

well, that is comfortability kicking in. while it is totally cool to be comfortable with someone you are hoping to live with for the rest of your life, a few things might look silly and disrespectful even after spending a long time together.

A comfort is a place that many couples want to reach and feel good about it and sometimes too much of it may eventually start chocking as illustrated by these comics by Mary park. This artist based in California tells a story of her love life through Murrz, an illustrated girlfriend extraordinaire. Its, good, bad and maybe slightly traumatizing but above all its brutally honest.

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