Award Winning Animator’s Short Film ‘Happiness’ Is Absolutely Brilliant

Once again, Award Winning Animator Steve Cutts hit the nail on the head about our crazy society, this time with his newly released short film, ‘Happiness’…

Below the video clip I did a write up of my personal analysis, for anyone that may be interested.


My Analysis

The video begins with the proverbial Rat Race, where the rodents are clearly presented in the context of human beings and their society a representation of our own.

At the train station, they crowd in uncomfortable numbers to embark on their destination to “NOWHERE.” Sadly, this is precisely where most people in life are currently headed.

Countless billboards and advertisements can be seen throughout the rat’s society, all of them claiming to sell happiness, which is what’s behind most marketing strategies — Manipulate people’s associative memory, and emotions, so that they will buy things they don’t really need because they think it will bring them happiness.

There is also a can of Soma being advertised in different parts of the film. In Aldous Huxley’s award winning novel, Brave New World, Soma is a drug used by the ruling class to distract and pacify masses.

The film follows one rat in particular, who is clearly in search of happiness…

He buys stuff he doesn’t really need, attends black Friday, buys himself a new sports car, turns to alcohol, and then eventually pharmaceutical drugs — all in pursuit of happiness. Of course this is the modern day human.