20 Extraordinary People That Will Make You Think They Are From Another Planet

There is something unique in every person, but looking at some individual you will be drawn to think they were gifted the whole unique package. Humans have for the past thousands of years been obsessed with their appearances, but nature still throws a few surprises down our way. From extra digits to double pupils and several rows of eyelashes, these body wonders are unique or even look out of this world.

We have compiled a list of mesmerizing looks that will leave you amazed.

#1 For some people, nature still has a bag of tricks up its sleeves

mrelbank / Instagram -Via

#2 For some of us, flexibility has never been a problem

annaemcnulty / Instagram -Via

#3 This woman doesn't look to be from around here

mrelbank / Instagram -Via

#4 Ever seen a person with blue and brown eyes at the same time?

clairebarnestog / Instagram -Via

#5 A toddler with 12 toes

red4ryder / Instagram -Via

#6 Meet kanya seser born without feet but living life to the fullest

kayeazee_ / Instagram -Via

#7 A man with not so big, big toe

unknown / Imgur -Via