10 Celebrities Who Changed Dramatically After Numerous Plastic Surgeries

It's 2018 and to be famous doesn’t need amazing talent or incredible beauty, very often people become stars for the most bizarre reasons. Well, some people just love to be popular and would do anything to shine the limelight on their lives, amazing or not.

These celebrities decided to alter their looks and even gender. After a series of surgeries, they are barely unrecognizable from their initial selves, take a look and try to identify their former and current selves.

#1 Caitlyn jenner, 67


Born a man, Jenner a retired Olympic gold medalist decathlete set a world record in the 1976 Olympics. He took hormone replacement to change his gender but stopped when he met his wife back in the 1980’s. After their divorce in 2015, Bruce had a sex reassignment surgery and changed his name to Caitlin.

#2 Janice Dickinson, 62

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She had a difficult childhood, struggling with addiction during her teenage years and breast cancer to add. She opened up about her past through her memoir. Her journey to success is evident through the 37 Vogue covers.

#3 Tori spelling, 44

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She became famous after her season premier in the series Beverly hills. The daughter to the TV producer had her first plastic surgery when she was only 16 to fix her nose, breast implants followed. While the outcome wasn’t really what she expected, she is now a mother of 5 and happily married

#4 Ashley tishdale, 32

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The actress had a rhinoplasty which she claims was to improve breathing. Her lips are now changed and her facial contours certainly aren’t the same again. The actress was considered a real sex icon during her time.

#5 Mary kate-olsen, 31

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Back in the day, it was tough distinguishing between the Olsen twins, but now, not so much of a hassle thanks to the plastic surgeries Mary-Kate had. She now has a different form of lips and more chiseled cheek bones, a more refined nose to add.

#6 Lindsay lohan, 31

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Lindsay’s life in the limelight certainly had a great impact to her appearance and mental state. After her rehabilitation, she went for plastic surgery to improve her looks. Lip injections are the main features defining her face now

#7 Megan fox, 31

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Why she had a plastic surgery, many keep wondering. Megan had a perfect face, nature granted her that. Fox however decided to go for lip injections, chisel her nose and cheek bones as she tried to improve relationships with her peers. She now looks like a plastic doll