People Tried To Troll This Victoria's Secret Model For Saying She Can Code, Get Shut Down With Perfect Reply

Its 2018 advancement in technology and social advocacy has not slowed down sexist rhetoric’s meant to degrade women. Such is the sad state of affairs. Lyndsey Scott, a Victoria secret model, and computer software engineer was not ready to take any of it.

As her website clearly shows, the highly accomplished 34 years old turns heads in the runway as well as making it to the top of iOS responders on the stack overflow. She is also part of the prestigious iOS tutorial team at the, and has done video tutorials for kids along with other geeks like Bill gate and Mark Zuckerberg. Scott is the perfect example of beauty with brains. However, some sexists were not okay with that and took to the internet to try and undermine her.

A Reddit user highlighted those misogynistic thought titled ‘Apparently, it’s impossible for women to be smart and beautiful at the same time,’ with a screenshot of some of their comments.

Not to be the one to let others fight her battles, Scott took on her haters and showed them the strength of a woman is not one to be messed around with.

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Lyndsey Scott,is a model for many prestigious brands

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And the first African American to receive a Calvin Klein exclusive

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People started looking into her more and found out that she’s not only a model

For some reason, people couldn't agree with with her prefoffesional achievements